Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No one's posted.

As for me, I've been super busy with work.

I had to design a festival for next June. ALREADY designed it, almost a year out.

Been kickin' ass at the 9:30. Doin J5's show on Tuesday. I wonder if they have an LD? Won't be super involved regardless. They aren't really a light oriented band.

And just finished my first solo gig (see pic). Did a show for Jimmy's Chicken Shack at the Arlington Drafthouse. Had to bring in and build the whole rig. Jason Heart tech'd for me (he just got back from the 'wan) and I couldn't have done it without him. Pretty intense shit. The rental house gave me the wrong gear so we didn't get a single light up until 2 mins before the show. Good Times... and Jimmy asked me to come back and light his Jarfly's show on the 17th.

How's everyone else?


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